Monday, 7 October 2013

Baby Clothes!

So, a couple of weeks ago to of my friends welcomed a tiny wriggly bundle of a daughter into the world.  I was so pleased for them, mostly because she's a  beautiful  little one who I am looking forward to getting to know better and slightly because, well...  I've had this little outfit made for ages but I couldn't show it off until Little One had made her appearance and been presented with it!

Dinky dress!
Weeny shorts!
Tiny hat!

 I actually teamed up with a friend of mine for this outfit, but more on that in a minute.  For now, I used pale mint green cotton for the outfit, trimmed with a pale yellow slightly sparkly ribbon.  It's unlined and the elastic is encased with bias binding.   The Pattern is Simplicity 2375 and it was a joy to make!

I really enjoyed making everything, but what made this project just perfect is the fact that I was working with someone else.  And they added knitted adorableness to it!

Look at how sweet it is!  She's used a yellow suitable for babies wool and trimmed with the same ribbon and buttons as I did (we may have shopped for them together).

The idea is that the little shorts function as a nappy cover and can't actually be seen when the outfit is on, but I couldn't resist them peeking out in this photo!

 Look at that delicate lacy pattern!  One day, I will get good enough at knitting to produce things like that in a reasonable time scale.  One day...

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