Thursday, 26 March 2015

Demin Skirt Mark 2

As you may remember, last summer I made this ruffled denim skirt courtesy of this tutorial.

It's one of my favourite skirts and I wear it all the time, so when another pair of jeans died, obviously I had to make another!

This time I used blue corduroy to make the middle panel.  Mostly because it was what I had to hand!  It makes for a wonderfully swishy skirt.

The bottom hem, has some blue ric-rac applied to it, because I didn't have any lace that worked in the stash.

 As you can see, I kept the back pockets again!  I struggle without pockets...

Just like the other skirt, I wear it all the time!  This really is a brilliant way to recycle dead jeans.  I made this skirt in between Christmas and the New Year, but apparently forgot to blog about it, hence it's appearance now.  Sorry!  If you don't see a gold cushion in the next few weeks, please someone remind me about that too?

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