Monday, 2 March 2015

Yarn Shopping

No new makes, but some on the way!

I'm currently working on a huge patchwork quilt, for my parents, and branching out into some new knitting projects, however the two things I knitted last week are destined to be presents and so I can't show them off yet.

However, I went on a long planned Day of Yarn Shopping on Saturday!  I went with a friend who moved to the area a while ago and it was great fun.  Also, it turns out we shouldn't do this often, because we 'helped' each other quite a lot.

I didn't mean to acquire a new shawl pattern....  But, I digress.  We started the day by going into Edna's in Bath.  I have to say, lovely though the shop assistant as, we were clearly not the target demographic.  I think we needed to be a good 40 years older, preferably with a shopping trolley on wheels and a pin or blue rinsed hair do.  Needless to say we did not buy anything and ran away as soon as we decently could.

Then we went to Get Knitted. Where I totally failed to stop yarn buying happening.  In fact, I failed so much I bought 3 balls of Louisa Harding Amitola.

These will become a shawl (I got the pattern as well!).  Not my usual choice of colour, but I do like blue and grey and they will be such a pretty shawl!  I have also noticed a free pen in my bag, which is a nice touch.

I liked Get Knitted, because it's got lots of space and various places to sit down and look at stuff.  And I loved all the samples on display.  However, it was very quiet and solemn in there and I found that a little off putting.  Mostly because I had an urge to run around screaming like a child, just to make some noise...

Then, we hopped in the car and went to Bradford on Avon.  We had a wonderful afternoon tea at The Bridge Tearooms, if you are in the area really go and have tea!  It was delicious!

Of course, our real reason for being in Bradford on Avon was to visit lovely Elle at Jumble Jelly!

Elle has recently relocated and her new space is adorable.  We had a good natter and then we browsed and tried to work out tea cosy yarn colour selections.  I also took the plunge and picked out a sock knitting kit!  I have already cast on, but it's early days yet.  I'll keep you all posted on my progress.

I also got a knit pics crochet hook, for my Louisa Harding shawl, a ball of blue cotton whose purpose shall be a secret for a littler while and a ball of green King Cole baby alpaca.  Because it was on sale and I love green and alpaca.  I suspect new hand warmers will happen!

Sorry for the poor photos!  I'm writing this in a slight hurry, as I don't want to miss another blog post!

So many pretties!  I am very much enjoying a surge in yarn enthusiasm right now.  Saturday was a lovely day out and I can't wait to show you all the new things I will make with this haul!

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