Monday, 27 April 2015

New T-Shirt

Sorry, today's post is a bit late!  I was Katrin yesterday and the game ran late and I basically ran out of puff so this did not get written in time.  Ah well, better late than never!

So, I had some of the blue t-shirting from the summer dress left over and as the sewing machine and overlocker were already threded up I made a couple of t-shirts!

The pattern is also from the Alabama Chanin book.  I feel like I need more of their books!  And yet...  I'm not done loving this one yet.  Decisons, decisons....

I made this t-shirt a fraction larger than the grey one and it's really helped the fit I feel.  Once again, I have added a transfer from my little book of iron on transfers (must get some more of these as well, such genius things!).

I quite like this planet transfer, it's fun!  Not accurate but there we go, it's art instead!


I have used the last of the blue t-shirting to make a ship t-shirt, but I will show that another day!  My photographer for these pics was lovely Jan, and the photos were taken in the beer garden at The Globe pub whilst we waited for it to open.  I had a lovely day then and my t-shirt was a definite success, so hurrah all round!

I still have pirate kit to show you and our team flag that I sewed in character whilst we were being pirates.  Hopefully I'll find time to photograph it all to show you on Thursday.  See you then!

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