Thursday, 23 April 2015

Summer Dress

I have made another pattern from my Alabama Chanin book.  Oh I love the patterns in this book!

This time round I made the mid length dress in plain blue t-shirting.  As with all the other patterns I've made from this book, I've over locked the inner seams and then added the edge binding with a decorative machine stitch.  On this dress it's in rainbow thread, mostly because I didn't have any blue that matched so I thought why now go for a fun contrast?

I plan to wear this for work (in fact I did today, very comfy!).  I can wear knee length leggings underneath it (essential when hanging out with small children who are no respecters of personal space) and it's a really comfy dress.  Looks nice teamed with a cardigan.

 It's a simple a-line shift dress and the bottom is unhemmed.  Another fun thing about t-shirting.  It doesn't fray so you can be lazy!

All in all, whilst I don't think this is the mostly flattering thing I've ever made, I don't think it looks bad and it's really nice to wear.  I also think it'll be great for looking nice but staying cool in the heat of summer.

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