Monday, 20 April 2015

The Elven Ball

So, I spent a lot of January and February making this dress and I'm so pleased to be able to show it to you!

Amazing waist due to corsetry
 At this point I should say all credit for the photos goes to Katy, who came to the ball specifically to take photos for us.  Thank-you Katy!

Fancy pants hair to match the frock
The dress is brown taffeta.  The lining is green and red (because that was what I had to hand).

Making deals with my Cousin
The vines were the work of many hands! Katy, Ruthwhoisnotablogger and Abiwhoisalsonotablogger pinned. looked, pinned some more and pinned again for me one evening, then I hand stitched the green vines on, which took a week.

Arty shots that had me balanced on a chair and Katy flat on her back on the floor!

The brown vines were pinned to compliment the green and hand stitched, which took another week.  The flowers thankfully, took a day and then I embroidery my clan symbol behind the flowers, which took a few more days! 
Pretty embroideries!
The clan embroideries are done in a colour changing rayon.  I really hate rayon.  Even if it does look nice now!  I just used a simple back stitch to do the embroideries.

 The pattern for the dress is a mix of two different Simplicity patterns.  I used 2692 for the bodice (version C) and the skirt of 2442.  Mostly, because I wanted an A-line skirt and I ran out of time to draft my own.

Making polite chitchat.  Or a deal...  Or possibly both!

Having my mask tied on under all the curls

My mask was acquired from ebay.  I had to chop some of the nose out though, and stitch it back together.  I have a tiny nose and the mask was far too wide for my face!

Signing the book of deals
 And finally, my amazing boots that didn't get seen all evening but are so pretty!

The ball was amazing, I won best IC outfit and I had a great time.  Many thanks to the GM's, the monsters and my fellow players!  I really enjoyed making my dress, now I just need to find an excuse to wear it again!

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