Thursday, 6 August 2015

Flouncy Cape - Butterick 4419

Today is the turn of the gladiator!  Queensbury has long needed his own cloak and we finally got round to making it!

It's a basic Butterick 4419 in blue cotton drill, lined with green lining fabric.  

 The monogram was designed by Queensbury's player and then I chain stitched it onto the collar before cutting it out.

The fun bit of this cape is that under the clasp on each side, a button has been sewn and a bit of tape with two buttonholes attaches, meaning the cape can also be worn off one shoulder.

 This is mostly so he can flounce more and show off the lining.

 So there you go.  Two very different blue cloaks!  I have a small dabbling in jewellery to show next week.  See you then!

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