Monday, 24 August 2015

Tracksuit Trousers

I am tall.  There's no getting around it.  I slouch a lot but I'm 5"9 (and a half if you wanna be really precise). Now when it comes to high shelves, long lunges and the ability to wade rivers with ease (up to a point) I am quids in.  Regrettably, when it comes to finding trousers that fit I am rather less likely to have success.

I'm now so fed up of the lack of larp friendly trousers in my size that I've made my own... They are modelled on my last pair from Asda no less (which fit beautifully except for the fact they're two inches too short).  I destruction tested them on holiday when we went to Bounce Below!

Jumping on the lowest net at Bounce Below, photo taken by kindly staff member!

Surprisingly nice photo of me in Bounce Below safety gear!

They are made of track suiting and to my own pattern and I've actually made another pair, this time with side pockets as well.

Here's a better lit picture from inside the holiday cottage.  I miss the cottage already by the by.  We had such a nice time and whilst I gave my heart to Scotland as a child, this little corner of Wales is stealing a place for itself!

Lastly, yes in case you are wondering I have dyed my hair!  It's a wash in and out one so it won't last much longer but it's been a nice change.


  1. You're 5'10 (and maybe a bit) - the same height as me or just a touch taller.

    1. 5"9 and a half. I know exactly how tall I am thank-you dear :P


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