Monday, 31 August 2015

Holiday Baking

I have been sewing this week, but due to my daft desire to make everything super complicated for myself I've not finished anything!

So here, have some photos of the baking I did for hugely appreciative friends on holiday.  I can't show you the scones I made though, because they got eaten too quickly!

 These are apple spiced turnovers.  They were hugely experimental and mostly made because I had an apple that needed using.  Stewed apple and some spices plus a sprinkling of dark sugar inside shortcrust pastry washed with egg and sprinkled with more dark sugar!

Chocolate victoria sponge cake, with butter cream and strawberries for a filling.  I've been making this sponge cake since I was a child, it's our family recipe and is best beloved in our family, plus usually complimented when fed to others.  It was a holiday request I was pleased to fulfil!

I'm hoping to have something finished to show you on Thursday, but we shall all have to wait and see...  If not, there will be dinosaur pics!

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