Thursday, 13 August 2015


The correct underwear can make your kit.  This is well known in historic costuming.  I am not a historic costumer by any stretch of the imagination, but for one of my up coming larps we're delving into the past and I would like my skirt to feel properly full.

I also know that a good corset can make all the difference, so I've acquired a new white over-bust corset and run up a ruffled petticoat.

Please excuse the late nightness of these photos.  They were taken in a hurry at the end of craft night because I was just pleased to have the petticoat sewn! Many thanks to lovely Katy who took the pics on my phone for me!

I need to lace the corset better and I will probably make a stronger waistband, because goodness those ruffles are heavy!  The skirt is made cream cotton drill and is in 6 panels that fit my actual waist measurement.  The panels are a-line in shape and the waistband is currently cording threaded through bias binding.

The ruffles are long strips of the same fabric, overlocked the gathered by hand (because my shiny new ruffling foot did not want to play with me), pinned on at what I thought was a 'nice' amount of gather and sewn down.

There are 4 layers of ruffles and the overall look, when I have the dress on top is that I should just go in and out at the right places without looking too over the top.  I'm really pleased to have finished this as the ruffles were driving me a bit bananas when I was sewing them.  I do love how it looks and feels though!

There won't be a blog on Monday, because I will be on holiday!  There may be one on Thursday, I'm not sure, but there will be one the Monday after!

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