Thursday, 24 March 2016

All Hail the Glorious Leader!


So, in our vampire larp, my clan are being shot down atm, politically and my npc (kinda more a dpc at this point, lets be honest, the GM's are the bestest!) was feeling more than a little vulnerable.

What better way to make your position more secure than a little toadying?  Seeing as I have the ooc skills to match my ic skill set and a sibling who can translate stuff into latin for me I figured a was all set...  So I made our dear Consul Maximus a present!

The Latin is a translation adapted from ecclesiastical Latin and reads 'for the greater glory of the master'.

The picture is a colouring page, that I enlarged, printed out, cut up and spent a long time cutting tiny bits of fabric and bondaweb for...  I then stuck it all down, machined over every piece and added hand stitched detail where needed, plus a few beads.

 The roses are my clan symbol and handily a nice touch.  I used this tutorial and some of the gold scraps I'd used elsewhere on the banner.  The leaves are a ribbon I had!

And here is the Consul Maximus (aka The Gentleman Gamer) himself, with his banner!  Yes the charioteer has been given his hair and eye colour, as near as I could recreate from fabric I had on hand!  You can tell this is after the game, because he's smiling and not about to bite head head off for impertinence....

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