Monday, 7 March 2016


Last month was Valentines Day and I made Mr Kit some new lavender sachets (we live in constant fear of moths so I make a lot of these!)  to make them a little special I made heart shapes with a pretty cut out section!

 This tartan is leftovers from an apron I made him a few years ago for Christmas and the button was originally acquired for a skirt project that got aborted.

This tartan is one of the Graham tartans and we used it as an accent at our wedding, so it's quite special to us!  The button came as part of a selection pack,

Both hearts are entirely hand stitched.  They are filled with stuffing and a couple of teaspoonfuls of lavender buds.  Quite a fun sew and I would definitely think of making them again as gifts!

Not to be outdone Mr Kit and my beloved Stepdaughter ran up a few heart shaped offerings of their own whilst I larped!

Cinnamon and raspberry jam hearts!  Very tasty, these did not hang around long!

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