Monday, 14 March 2016

Cosplay Castiel

I would like to start this post by saying I have no idea who Castiel is!  But my Lil' Sis does and she's off to an American con of some sort soon and she wanted a cosplay outfit.

This is her outfit in it's entirety (minus shoes!).  She bought the trench coat and tie on line and the shirt came from Pepperberry.  I made the skirt and waistcoat!

 The pattern is McCalls 7056 from the archive collection.  It's made in black suiting (as is the skirt) and has four black plastic buttons, which is the only pattern modification we made.  The original has about seven tiny ones but that sounded like a lot of faff!

Fitting the waistcoat was quite tricky, but that's as much down to our family hourglass shape as anything.  I was impressed at the range of bust options and I would quite like to make this for me in the future!

 The skirt is also McCalls.  My old favourite 5431!  We altered the pattern by drafting some slightly smaller pockets so she has some where to stash her phone and purse, but other than that left it as is.

 She's wearing a petticoat underneath it, which accounts for it's volume!

It took two days (and a lot of grumpy shouting on my part) to get this sewn and fitted, but I'm really pleased with the end result.  I really hope you have a great time in America Lil' Sis!  Send us a postcard! X 

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