Thursday, 3 March 2016

Long sleeved T-Shirt

In winter my work wardrobe consists mostly of jeans, long sleeved tops and the biggest jumper I can find!  With that in mind I thought I'd use up some of my t-shirting on a long sleeved top for me.

I don't think this is a 4 way stretch, because it clings a  little too unflatteringly in places!  Still, I love the colour and the swallows are cute.   The pattern is the alabama chanin t-shirt with the bolero long sleeves. 

 I did the bottom hem and collar band in a slightly different to usual way, having been reading about binding stretch fabrics in my Great British Sewing Bee Book.  I love with way of binding!  I plan to do all bindings this way in the future as it's a much neater finish!

 I love the length of this top (long tops are a must when you work with small people, it stops tiny cold hands being placed on your bare midriff when you're crawling around trying to tidy up toys...)

That;s all of this fabric used up and I'm nearly at the end of my t-shirting stash.  Which is a huge shame because I wanted some new summer dresses.  We may have to see if I can persuade Mr Kit that I'd rather have fabric than an Easter egg...

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