Thursday, 23 June 2016

Baptism Outfit

So, yes, I am a Godmother!  Not only that but I got to sew a Baptism Outfit (dress, bonnet, bibs and nappy cover, the works!)

Here's Goddaughter, showing off her frock after the service!  It's made entirely from scraps and off cuts of her mum's wedding dress and we had a lot of fun in the design process!

 The dress pattern is from Cottage Mama and the bonnet pattern can be found here.

It's the same nappy cover pattern as  Monday's only I added a ridiculous amount of broderie anglaise.  I'm sure you'll all be pleased to hear she wasn't actually baptised 'Ruffle-Bum' though...

The main dress is cotton, it has an embroidered dove on the bodice and the skirt has a wedding veil lace overlay.  The buttons are from my button box and were actually from a friend's gran's button box originally.  It felt right to use them so I did! The sash is satin that came from Goddaughter's great grandmother's fabric stash I believe (she comes from crafting stock!).

I used a chain stitch for all the embroidery, apart from the bird eyes which were satin stitch.  I debated making them beads, but worried about the beads being uncomfortable or coming loose to I erred on the side of caution. 

The bibs are backed in cream velvet (the only non-white part of the whole outfit) and trimmed with the same lace I used on the bonnet.

It was a lovely day, the service was beautiful and thought provoking in equal measure and I am so very happy to be Godmother to my wonderful friends beautiful baby!

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