Thursday, 30 June 2016

Very British Summer!

On Saturday Mr Kit and I decided we wanted to go fruit picking (I felt the first stirrings of the jam making madness and he wanted out of the house), so despite the torrential rain we headed off to the farm for strawberries!

The rain was a deluge, but luckily the strawberries were at waist height (I really like this as an idea!), so we could still pick in the rain, without ruining our trousers.

Have a rare blog pic of Mr Kit!  And check out the size of these berries!  They are vibrant strawberries and really sweet and juicy (as well as being huge!)

 We got a good haul and I very much enjoyed turning them into somewhat runny jam (failed to set but oh well, tastes good anyway!)

I'm now impatiently eyeing my garden and waiting for the blackcurrants, cherries and apples to ripen so I can get on with preserving!

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