Monday, 13 June 2016


I knitted a thing!  Two things in fact!  It took me over a year (because sock knitting is scary and needed lots of time to think about before committing to each step), but I achieved a pair of socks.

Of course, since I finished them it's been way too warm to wear socks, so they are languishing in my ock drawer, waiting for the cooler weather to return. 

The pattern is Miss Elle's Basic Sock Pattern and I got it as part of a kit from the sadly now defunct Jumble Jelly in Bradford on Avon.

I haven't made the stripes match, but I don't care.  For a first go I think they are good enough!

I have another ball of stripey sock wool and I am tempted to have another go but I think it might need to wait for after the house move at the very earliest!

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