Thursday, 17 August 2017

Review - Katy Page Designs Earrings

So, one of the many reasons I am very lucky is that I have some amazingly talented friends.  Today I am going to tell you about my awesome friend Katy and her new business.  Katy runs Katy Page Designs which is a jewelry and children's clothing business.  Katy makes a variety of earrings, bracelets, necklaces and children's party dresses.

Today however she's asked me to review a pair of earrings for her, so I intend to only waffle about those!

Aren't they pretty?  Of course, Katy knows me well (green!  Pearls! Teapots!), but if you want something made to your tastes and it's not in her shop, I know she takes commissions!

I've worn these several times now and every time I wear them I feel extra special.  They've got just the right amount of dangle that you notice them when you turn or shake your head, but not so much that it pulls or hurts your ear whilst wearing them.

I've had a lot of compliments when I wear them and I really enjoy how pretty I feel in them!  The pearls make me feel elegant and the teapots make me smile every time I spot them in a mirror.  They're the perfect mix of gorgeous and whimsy.

It's surprisingly hard to photograph your own ear.
So, overall, I'm very happy with these earrings and I wholeheartedly recommend Katy for all your jewelry needs!  (Get in quick though, 'cos I've got a few things I think I shall be commissioning her for...)

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