Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Just a quick post, as life is still madly busy!

I have recently had an apron making addiction.  I love aprons and having something pretty to wear in the kitchen makes me really want to go cook!  Also aprons make good LARP kit...

Front view

Cute bow!
This apron will be Kelsey's kit, but is also going to be used in my kitchen as I really like it!  A bit of a bargain as the fabric was only £1 a metre as well!  I also have a bag and purse made out of the scraps, but that's a post for another day!


And another bow!
This apron is made from the scraps of the robe I showed on here last week with the addition of some lovely lace I found on a browse in Fabric Land (dangerous place that shop...).  I adore this apron, even if I do feel like I should be called 'Alice' whilst wearing it...

Please excuse how crumpled this looks, I didn't get time to iron!

Double bow!
This apron is the first thing I've sewn for myself that was solely intended for use in the house and not as larp kit.  You can't really see in the photo but it' covered in tiny brown polka dots and I think it's absolutely adorable!  Plus it does an excellent job of keeping my clothes clean.

Also, a quick note to say I am so thrilled so many people read this, both the people I do know and those I don't!  Please feel free to leave me a comment and say hi and let me know what sort of crafty stuff you like to do!

Tomorrow if I can find the time there will be a slightly deviant post on knitted hair flowers thingies!


Thank-you for dropping by!