Thursday, 30 September 2010


No time to make the flower thingies up right now, so instead you get a pic of a tabbard I made a while back.

Please excuse my miserable expression.  No idea why I didn't smile!
It's made in white velvet as I happened to have an off cut the right size.  It also features some chain stitch hand embroidery.
I like flowers...
I like this tabbard a lot, but have no use/need/space for it so I may see if any of the newbies want it when they join our larp group.  I wanted a record of it though, so putting it on here will help me remember!

So yeah, that's it from me today!  I might post tomorrow, to make up for last weeks lack of posts, but no guarantees, as life is still a lot busier than I'd like...

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