Monday, 27 September 2010

Birthday Skirt :)

An extra post, to make up for last weeks failure!

A while ago a friend was muttering about using some leftover fake leather scraps I had to make himself a kind of armoured belt/skirt thing.  He forgot about the idea for a while, which was his downfall, because he had a birthday so I made it for him!


I took a belt so that it would be an adjustable skirt (so he could vary the layers of clothing underneath, vitally important with larp kit) and then measured out many strips of leather to knee length.  I looped them over and sewed them together in a long line, overlapping a little and threaded the belt through.

Next time I think I'll make them more overlapped
I then trimmed all the ends into points.  At this stage I realised I needed some way to cover the buckle, or there was a really unfortunate gap...  So I made an extra wide strip of leather and added a velco fastening to the loop, so that it could be attached after the belt was done up.

A view of the wrong side of the skirt

 And that's about it really.  I like leatherette because it doesn't fray but I also dislike it, because my sewing machine struggles with it.  It was a fairly easy sew and it looks quite effective on.

See?  Scary stuff in battle!

 Thanks to Andy for taking all the pics for me, and sending and resending them when I failed to recieve them the first time...


  1. random question in my quest to LEARN MOAR: Do you have to use big stiches on the leatherette for the machine to cope (not that my machine would cope with it AT ALL lol)

  2. Nope, it sews pretty easily. The main problem is the leatherette is sticky, so it doesn't feed through and needs constant pressure/guidance.


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