Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Lace and Ribbons

So, we went down the pub on Saturday for an IC meal.  That meant a new frock for me!

A little while ago I made a draped sleeve over dress pattern and a long chemise to go under it for a murder mystery party.  The dress was lovely and I adore the sleeves, but it gave me an idea for a sleeveless gown for my LARP character.  So I got to work :D

I used a printed poly cotton with tiny flowers all over it for the chemise, which I made with long sleeves and trimmed the cuffs with lace.

I have mentioned how much I adore trim, right?

I then made the dress up, leaving of the sleeves, in brown cotton.  It was pretty but very plain for a party dress, so I put a wide green ribbon around the waist, and then I layered velvet rickrack over the top of that in a fawn colour.

I laced it up with a narrow green cord to match the ribbon.
I then finished it by trimming the hem with lace and adding a band of the velvet rickrack just above it.

I love lace!
It's turned out quite nicely I think, so I'll probably wear it for the next IC meal that character goes to!

Here I am wearing it, at the meal.

Here's a side view, in case you are interested!
So yes, that's what I spent a large part of last week doing!  Now I'm back to robe making for friends, hopefully I'll have one finished to show you all on Thursday!

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