Thursday, 24 November 2011


About a year or so ago, I got taught to make crochet granny squares.  I seem to recall blogging about it at the time.  Anyway I decided the idea of having to join lots of little squares sounded scary and tricky (I find crochet and knitting a lot less intuitive than sewing...) so I thought I'd make a large granny square.

It's my lap blanket and is just right to keep the chills off my lap on those rare moments I get to sit on the sofa!  The wool is cheap stuff (I refuse to spend large sums on a hobby until I've gained some level of skill).  I love the green colour and I also love the fact that it matches my cushions so well!

Right - I need to head back to the sewing machine (too many deadlines looming!).  I'll see you on Monday when I'll have a ridiculous organza frock to show off!

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