Monday, 7 November 2011

More Aprons!

I admit it, I have a real thing for aprons.  I love wearing them and I find them the ultimate in quick easy and fun sews.  So when my little sister was having a bad week, what was the best thing to send her?  An apron.  When I needed a quick bit of kit that needed to put an instant smile on my face, yep, I made an apron!

I love how the ties make such a sweet bow

This white apron is the one I made for myself.  I used a bit of left over white cotton drill I had and Stitch'n'Save pattern M5358.  I adore the cute bow on the back, but other than that I was happy to leave it perfectly plain and not add any trim or pockets.  Very occasionally I do like the simple look!  Eventually this will be used as Winter in the Willows kit (assuming I die at some point anyway...) but before then I suspect it may find it's way into regular usage in my kitchen.

Please excuse the poor lighting in these pics

For my sisters apron I had some red cotton drill to use up (and what an excuse to break open the red overlocker thread?!).  The pattern is Butterick 5509.  When we were teenagers Lizzy had a slight goth streak, so I just knew this crochet lace trim would be a hit with her.

So there you go, two simple sews and hopefully we'll both bake lots of great food whilst wearing them!  On Thursday I plan to go off topic slightly and tell you about a fun day I had in the summer.  Catch you all then!

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