Monday, 21 November 2011

I'm Ignorant About Anime

No, really - ask the lodger and she'll back me up on this.  Which is why I can tell you the thing I made on Sunday afternoon is a drill.  And that's all I know about it.  The birthday girl who I gave it to seemed pleased though so it's all good right?

A drill...
 I made it out of leftover scraps of gold stretch velvet (an evil fabric if ever there was one), black fleece and a hefty dollop of invention.

The other thing I have to show you today is much more in my line of sewing!  It's a long tunic that I made up from a design picture I was emailed.  It was an interesting sew, quite fun, but with enough thinking needed to keep it interesting!


The material is beige poly-cotton and the buttons are plain wooden shank buttons (so pretty!)  the only trim is dark brown bias binding on the collar.
This week I'm working on Christmas presents and meal kit for Saturday, so I have no idea what I'll be showing you on Thursday!  Something will turn up I'm sure...

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