Monday, 28 November 2011

IC Meal Kit

Firstly, I apologise for the poor quality of this weeks photos.  My camera was given to somebody else for safe keeping during larp and they left early and forgot to hand the camera back, so I'm now cameraless until next weekend.  All of today's photos and Thursdays photos will be taken using my phone.

This also means my mannequin has been drafted in to model!

So today I want to show you all my most impractical frock to date.  It's an over dress of organza, with long droopy sleeves and much fabric in the skirt.

No prizes for guessing which character I wore this as.  I've been wanting to make it for her a long time.  The wispy impracticality of it suits Rainbow down to the ground!  I over locked every seam and raw edge I could, though sadly due to the nature of organza this merely delayed the inevitable fraying, rather than dismiss it totally.

The under dress is a pale lilac poly cotton, trimmed with some ribbon I picked up in a craft shop months ago!

 Due to the nature of the over dress I kept the under dress very plain and simple.  I'm planning a few more over dresses for the future, mostly so I can mix and match and layer up at will!

On Thursday I hope to be able to show you a couple of additions I made to my guards kit.  See you then!

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