Monday, 14 November 2011

So many things to choose from!

I seem to have managed an unusual level of productivity last week, so I have a fair few new bits to show you today.  

 First up - cape and tabbard to look like an improvised uniform.  The cape is corduroy with a fake satin lining (nasty to touch, but colour was deemed more important than fabric!).  The tabbard is poly cotton.  The badge on the tabbard is one of the systems military units.

Next - a waistcoat.  Never let it be said that I don't know how to recycle, the waistcoat has been lovingly crafted from an old tablecloth!  I love the buttons on this waistcoat, such pretty wooden ones.

And another cape - this year's characters really do like a good flounce (or at least the ones I'm making for do!).  This is also a corduroy cape, but the cords are much thinner and from a distance it has the appearance of velvet.  The lining is white lining fabric.

 And the final new make to show you - remember a few weeks back I promised Ultra-Violet?  Well I managed to get photos!

I made the under robe for this one.  I drafted the pattern so it's all my own design!  Which is the sort of sewing I like showing on here best, though I dislike the pattern drafting process immensely.  I also made the belt pouches.  The jacket was already owned by Ultra-Violets player and the robe was specifically designed to work underneath it.  It's made of satin dupion and I'm mostly pleased with it.  I think I'd have preferred a deeper pleat at the back though, which is something to remember for next time.

Don't we make a smart group? 

Thursday's post will be a wraparound dress I made last week in between kit sewing.

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