Monday, 5 December 2011

Christmas Presents

Again, not much to show on the larp kit front, I've been too busy making Christmas presents!  And as I don't think my husbands side of the family read this blog I thought I'd show you some of the things I've made them!

First up, for my wonderful nieces I wanted something fun, that wasn't clothing (they both enjoy clothes so I buy them stuff fairly regularly and I wanted gifts that are a little different).

As you can see, I opted to make them personalised bunting!  Megan loves blue and her room is pink, she also loves a more ordered look so I went for a simple theme for her.  Charlotte is a little bit more free spirited so I used more colours and went for a more patched effect.  I like both strings but I think Charlotte's would be my favourite if I had to chose!

For my husband's grandmother we've framed a picture I painted a while ago.  I'm not overly gifted in the painting department, but it turns out I can run up an ink and water colour still life reasonably well!

It's the frame that makes a picture though, and I think my wonderful husband did a great job picking this one out!

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