Monday, 19 December 2011

Party Frock

Late blog post today sorry!  I've been busy working on my last Christmas present all day, then this evening I went out to dinner with my 'craft night' friends.  Which was lovely!  And I wore the dress I'm about to show you!

I made this dress because I needed something to wear to my husband's work Christmas do.  And I figured rather than go give Monsoon a large portion of my money I'd show off my sewing skills a little.  And I love this dress!  So much!  I know, I say that about everything I make (I must come across as a very immodest blogger, I'm sorry, I don't mean too...) but this dress turned out perfectly.  It fits brilliantly, I love the fabric, the pattern was gloriously clear and easy to follow...  Everything was just right!  And I've worn it twice in three days and I'm debating wearing it on Christmas day.  I can't think of anything else I've made for myself that I have such an intense love for.  Anyway, enough prattling on, to the photos!

The pattern is Simplicity 2398, version C but modified to have version A/B straps permanently attached (I'm never going to wear it without straps so why button them?).  The material is embroidered brown taffeta.  I must confess to largely choosing this fabric because it was on sale.  I love brown though and the flowers give the dress just enough detail to be interesting I think, so I don't think it was a bad choice!

Not entirely sure what I'll show you on Thursday, but I'm sure something will inspire me before then!

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