Thursday, 15 December 2011

Fleece Scraps

Morning all!  An early post today as I have unexpected free time this morning!  So, yes fleece scraps.  Remember the Rainbow Coat?  Well due to it's construction and the fact I always over estimate fabric I had quite a lot of fleece leftover.  So I've been making tasselled hats and arm warmers!

This little lot were given as Christmas presents (already opened and admired so I can show them off here) on Saturday.  I made hats for several people and they caused much hilarity as they were put on and funny faces were made.  I'm told the arm warmers will find uses as kit so hooray!

And as you can see here I decided that 'Uvvie'  needed a hat to keep his pointy ears warm!  I have made a few others as well, but sadly failed to take photographs so you'll just have to imagine many hats all like this in a myriad of colours...

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  1. I am highly amused that I stumbled across your blog while searching for ideas to use up the "fleece scraps" that I had left over from making many fleece cloaks for my boyfriend's LARP. :)


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