Monday, 28 April 2014

A Special Day

This weekend I was at the wedding of two wonderful friends (and a glorious day was had by all!).  One week before the wedding, I decided that clearly, a new dress, so as to be suitably attired, was in order.  I thought about what I wanted and decided the idea of a linen dress, with a little embroidery on it, would be just the thing!

Then I considered logistics and decided I was mad.  A week is not long enough to do all these things!  I'd need to buy fabric, find an embroidery design, not to mention all the time needed to actually sew the dress.  So I decided not to.  Then, on Monday, I decided I would anyway.

Apparently, it is possible to make a linen dress with embroidery, in a week!  Here's my effort.

Simplicity 2886
 Apologies for the bad lighting in the pics - they were taken very quickly in between the ceremony and lunch!

You can just spot the embroidery in this pic!  I decorated the bodice band, top of the bodice and straps with a leaf and heart design in stem stitch.  I came up with the design myself, as  couldn't find anything I was confident of finishing stitching in time from a design embroider company.

I have made a mash up of versions A and C, and I made the straps double thick, so I could embroider them.

 I definitely have plans to make more of this dress!  It was a very quick sew, the waist pleats were easy to do and overall the dress only needed minimal fitting.

The other glorious thing about this frock is definitely the fact that is has pockets!  This totally made me the envy of so many other ladies at the wedding!

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