Monday, 7 April 2014

WIP into an FO!

I finished one of my WIPs!  I spent a lot of my free time the week before last and last week, beading.  I then added a ribbon loop, glued the back down and got my lovely husband to put a hook on the wall for it.

The above is how it looked, when I dug it out of hiding and added it to the wip pile.

 And here it is, all finished and hung on my wall!  I love it and I'm very glad I finished it, but I have no intention of doing any more beading for a while!

This picture is largely to show why we put it on that part of the wall, as the colours match our lovely glass hanging that we picked up at a craft fair on holiday on Wales.

I am currently focusing on the knitting as it does have a deadline and I am sewing a frock for me, mostly because I had the pattern and the fabric!  Both of these have to be set aside this week though, for frantic camping preparations, so expect to see hot water bottles on Thursday!


Thank-you for dropping by!