Thursday, 24 April 2014

Stegosaurus Taggie

Small Bean post No. 2!

Small Bean has recently become fascinated by the colour orange.  Last time she and mummy came round to play, we gave her a piece of orange cotton to play with (Best Thing Ever!) so I decided to make her a small toy from some of it.

Which gave me the perfect excuse to use this tutorial.  I have been itching to make one, ever since Katy bought it to my attention!

I used the leftover cotton from my mum's knitting back lining and some cotton ribbon that was a freebie from Mollie Makes.  Due to time constraints I didn't embroider a face, but other than that I pretty much followed the tutorial.

It seems to have been a hit with the Small one!

Lots of enthusiastic grabbing happened!

It's surprisingly hard to pick just a few photos to share with you all!

Here she is having a good go at this being on her front malarkey!

And a much needed nap was taken!


  1. eee! I'm so glad you made it? Was it easy - know a few babbies that are expected, and I think this would make a great gift.

    1. The trickiest bit was putting the stuffing in and it was such a quick make! I think this might become my new go to new baby gift!


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