Thursday, 19 June 2014

Ruffle Frock

As I mentioned, I had a birthday a while ago and I was spoilt by being gifted a large number of craft books (all awesome, all different, I have the best friends...).  One of them was Alabama Sewing Studio and Design by Natalie Chanin.

It's a gorgeous book full of floaty, pretty clothing in muted colours and all made out of stretch knits (which have long been a fabric fear of mine) and it was so inspiring I could hardly wait to start.  Luckily I had some stretch knit in the stash and so I carefully traced the pattern out.

Then I realised it was all meant to be hand sewn.  Only...  I'm not patient at the best of times and I wanted to sew with the machine.  So I cheated and mine is entirely overlocked or maching stretch zigzagged!

I adore this dress!  I'm wearing it right now, I've been wearing it frequently since it was finished (I wait impatiently for it to dry on the line so I can wear it again) and I am planning at least another one!

 The skirt is a gathered rectangle attached to a vest top style top, which is bound in strips of the same fabric.

 The only thing I'd like to change is it's lack of pockets.  I'm debating pockets in the skirt side seams next time...

 I can't wait to make the rest of the patterns in this book!

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