Thursday, 12 June 2014

Ruffled Denim Skirt

I'm back!  Late for today, but one post earlier than I'd planned, so hurrah!

Today I am showing of the results of a tutorial I beta tested (if nagging your friend until she lets you have a sneak peak because you lack patience counts as beta testing anyway...).

This is an excellent way to turn a ripped pair of jeans into a really cute skirt!  You can find the tutorial here

I love this skirt!  Because the waistband is my old jeans I didn't need to worry about the fit and the rest was easy!

I did modify the pattern slightly in that I reapplied my back pockets.  I adore these pockets in my jeans so I wanted to keep them!

I also made my middle ruffle quite long (I'm pretty tall so there's a lot of me to cover!  Next time I think I might make it a bit shorter) and I added trim.

I over locked the bottom edge, then stitched the tiniest lace you ever saw onto to the top of it. I always feel that lace on top looks messy though, so I neatened it with a narrow gold ribbon.  Fun fact about the ribbon - this is the second one I stitched on as I was about 2 inches too short on the first one and I couldn't get a colour match.  Let that be a lesson to you to always measure first!

It was worth it though.  Love this skirt!


  1. You so win at the ruffled skirt competition (or if there was one, you would win) this is the cutest EVER. Best Tutorial Beta Tester Ever :-D

  2. Replies
    1. Thank-you! I very much recommend making your own :D


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