Thursday, 31 July 2014

New Campaign - New Kit Requests

Hurrah!  The new campaign has been announced and sounds very exciting (more on it and my planned character at a later date).

Of course, these days the new campaign brings a flurry of sewing for me as I get a lot of requests.  I think I have had six so far!  First up we have a waistcoat for a dapper gentleman.

In this case he's a slightly scruffy dapper gentleman, but this was a quick semi kit up rather than the full thing!

The waistcoat is a gold brocade with a leaf pattern (chosen and acquired by the wearer) and it's lined in brown lining fabric.

It is Simplicity 2346 and the only modifications I made were to add a second pocket and to line the pockets.  That was mostly so they were bigger, because in larp kit the bigger the pockets the better!

The buttons have a military style engraving on them and were chosen from my stash (mainly because that was apparently the only set of four gold buttons I had!).  This was a relatively easy sew and I enjoyed making it.  I do wish brocade was a bit less slippery and a bit less inclined to fray though...

More kit on Monday!

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