Monday, 14 July 2014

Zip Pouches

We celebrated Ruth-who-is-not-a-blogger's birthday last week and what's a birthday without a handmade gift?

I got her a book of patchwork projects and made a coupled of zipped pouches to go with it, with the vague theory that she can keep hexie templates or something in them!

A rare 'in action' shot!  I was struck by how pretty and green and purple everything on my cutting mat was!  Incidentally, isn't my violet pincushion beautiful?  It was made by a good friend of mine, who knows how much I like violets!

These are my finished pouches, lined in the fabric of the other and trimmed with the prettiest ribbons I could locate in the stash boxes.

 I enjoyed making these and I hope they are a useful addition to the patch working arsenal that Ruth is acquiring. 

These weren't the only gifts I made, but the others will have to wait to be shown until their time to be given has come!

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