Monday, 7 July 2014

Sandra the Real Seamstress Basket

As I mentioned a while ago, I am off to Discworld Con in August.  The time is drawing ever closer and so I have put some work and thought into my costumes.

I have completed my work basket for my Sandra kit.  I'm really pleased with it as it's largely hand sewn and it took a lot of effort!

I made two quilted pads to go on the top and a liner that matched to the rough inside of the basket doesn't catch on stuff (I'll use it as a hand bag).

The pads have English Paper Pieced Hexagons appliqued on and then hand quilted, with an embroidered mushroom in the centre of each pad.  I bound them with some cute bias trim I found and they have cotton tape underneath to tie them on to the basket.

 I have decided I loathe hand quilting.  It was not a fun experience but I'm glad I persevered!

 The inside is less exciting, but it's neat, it fits and it uses up the rest of the green linen nicely! I think Thursday is likely to be a WIP update so stay tuned!

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