Monday, 21 July 2014

Yellow Party

Sorry I missed Thursday, it was a big day at work (we had a goodbye party and I tend to go all out for my work parties) and I was so tired when I got home I had an accidental nap for the afternoon!

Still, yellow party!  The theme was yellow so we dressed in yellow, ate yellow cakes and had yellow decorations!  I wasn't too sure what I'd wear until I remember the yellow linen leftovers from the Frock Coat I made last year.  So I ran up another Simplicity 2886.

I made the other bodice variation this time, which needed a couple of bust darts to fit properly, but otherwise was fine.

I added a narrow gold ribbon trim to the hem and the neckline and I lined it with the very last of the linen.

 Please excuse my expression in these photos, they were taken on Thursday evening and I was tired!  This is also why the linen is so wrinkly, I'd been wearing it all day!

 I really like this dress, it's light, comfortable and looks super smart!  It's also a ridiculously quick and easy sew.  I suspect my future wardrobe may end up with more of these dresses.

I shall see you all on Thursday with another birthday present reveal!

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