Monday, 1 September 2014

Final Discworld Convention Post!

Ok, last post on Con stuff I promise!  It's only a quick one, but two of my very good friends took me to the con, looked after me whilst I was there and bought me home again.

So it seemed only fair to make them a small something!  At the con we all managed to collect a complete set of the trading card game (that you could only get at the con, it's very pretty!).

So I made us each a pounch to store it in!

The pouches are the same on the outside, but are all lined in a different colour.

As you can see my cards and instructions fit in neatly!

The pouches also all have a different coloured drawstring! 

On Thursday I have some presents (not related to Discworld Con) I've made to show and I might even show off the redecorating we've been busy doing here!

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