Thursday, 11 September 2014

New Character Kit - Alice

I have started a new larp.  Bath's Nights which is a vampire larp and I am playing Alice the Toreador (who can be found hiding behind Ghost should you need to speak to her!).  I wanted pretty kit for this, but I also knew I wanted it to be grey.

All photos were taken after the game so excuse the random faces and poses.  I was very, very tired!

 The pattern is McCall's 6504 version D.  I made it out of grey satin (finding grey fabric was surprisingly tricky) and I added a lace inset to the neckline as otherwise it felt a bit low for the character.

I get cold easily though, so I knew I wanted something to wear on my arms.  So during the afternoon before the game (nothing like a bit of last minute sewing...) I made this bolero from the  Alabama Studio Sewing and Design book (I love this book so much!)

 All in all I'm pretty pleased with the dress and the bolero!  It's comfy, pretty, an unusual colour and shape, but it doesn't make me stand out.

All in all, it was a fun outfit and I'm looking forward to the next game and a chance to wear it again!

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