Thursday, 30 January 2014

Cot Blanket

I must admit I don't need a cot blanket in my life.  However, my reward for finishing all my Christmas crafting is always that I sew whatever I feel like.  This year I had a long for a little more rainbow patch work, but I wanted big and bold, because I wasn't in the mood to faff about.

The quilt top is made from cotton and poly cotton scraps in my fabric stash and it's bound with some cream polyester satin that my mum gave me ages ago.  Most of the satin went on making an angel costume (I'll show that in a later post).

 It has minimal in the ditch quilting along the seams and the binding is part machined and part hand stitched on.

 The backing is green fleece, left over from making my husband a hoodie (which I'll also show another time!).

It currently comes in handy for when Small Bean comes to visit and I suspect once she out grows it I will take it to work and use it there as blankets are always handy!


  1. It's lovely, and it looks like you had a very compliant model. :-)

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