Thursday, 23 January 2014

Velvet Waistcoat - Simplicity 2346

As far as I'm concerned giving gifts is about the most fun thing ever.  Because you get to think about people you really like and then try to come up with a present they will really like.  Some people are easier to think up ideas for than others it has to be admitted.

In the case of my friend who adores waistcoats it was very easy indeed!

The waistcoat is made of grey cotton velvet and lined with more of the purple lining fabric from Seeker's Coat

It has a patch pocket on the front and ties at the back and the buttons were acquired especially because they were pretty.  I really do love a pretty button or two...

In other news, in between Christmas and the New Year I ran up a few crochet Granny Squares.  I wanted to use up some scrap wool and Franca's appeal for squares for charity seemed to fit the bill nicely!  I posted them to her a little while ago and totally forgot to take pictures!  However, she's more organised than I am and took a picture which she has put on her blog here.  Please do go and have a look because her blog is a great read and there are lots of cute baby pictures!

Next week I have some little pouches to show and the blanket I made on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (which has been helpfully modelled by Small Bean!).  Then I think we are done with all the Christmas makes so I better get on and sew something to show after that, hadn't I?


  1. It looks great! What pattern did you use? I've been meaning to make Joseph one for his birthday because he's "grown out" of all of his.

    1. I used Simplicity 2346. I've made this several times before and the pattern is lovely. I can forsee many more being made!


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