Monday, 6 October 2014

Ruffled Scarf and Hattie Kit!

I really do like the 101 Ways To Sew A Metre book.  It's got some lovely patterns.  I made this ruffled scarf from it for a friend and once again I found it hard to give it away!

 As you can see, I made it from grey jersey.  It was a little tricky to ruffle evenly, but it turned out ok in the end I think.  

As this would be a super short post, if I left it there, have a look at the first piece of kit for my new character Hattie.

Fingerless lace gloves!  I used this tutorial  and I've been really pleased with the results.  I've made a couple of pairs now (one pair went with the ruffled scarf!).  I'm now on the hunt for scalloped edge lace, so I can make more pairs.

On Thursday I have pictures of a reversible waistcoat to show and then we might be back to larp kit (I'm really busy making kit, but the campaign hasn't quite started so I've none to show yet!).

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