Thursday, 30 October 2014

Smarties Cake

Nothing sewn today, instead check out this cake I made for my step-daughters birthday!

It's a basic victoria sponge, covered in chocolate buttercream.  I then squashed chocolate fingers into the sides of the cake and arranged smarties on the top (no pinks ones as pink is not cool apparently).

I'm still pleased with how it turned out!  Also, in case you were wondering this is what the contents of six tubes of smarties sorted by colour look like.


  1. BUT WHAT DID YOU DO WITH ALL THE PINK ONES? Please did you eat them? also, you should have been really cruel and replaced the orange and yellow ones with reeces pieces #stealthprotein

    1. Of course I ate them! Mr Kit helped, he's good like that. And Aren't reeces pieces peanut? That might have been a bit mean on the cake of a nut allergy sufferer :P


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