Monday, 27 October 2014

Winter Coat

With the nights drawing in and the temperature dropping it was time for Small Bean to have a new coat.

Coats for babies need to be 3 things - washable, easy to put on and take off and big enough to grow into without being too big!

With this in mind, fleece was the obvious choice and measuring was done carefully to make sure it was the right size.  As back fleece was what I had to hand, we went with a slightly punk/goth/emo look.

Please excuse the randomness of these pics.  Small Bean didn't want to model, she wanted to crawl and be fed pink wafer biscuits (she was out of luck there, I didn't have any in).

But as you can see, it's a knee length, overlocked fleece coat.  The overlocking was done in white to relieve the blackness and it has a hood and three buttons.

The sleeves currently need to be rolled up a little and it's baggy, but with any luck this merely means she won't grow out of it until the spring!

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