Monday, 23 January 2012

Astrid and the Lorien Trust

Last year I started slowly exploring LT.  It's good fun, but if, like me, you aren't keen on big crowds of people you don't know it can also be daunting!  That said, I did have fun and I have a lovely group of friends to help me out so hopefully I'll be back as Astrid again.

Ribbons...  I do love ribbons!
Astrid is part of the Unicorn faction and a healer by stats but a generally nosey research type by personality.  She's non-com, but I still wanted to be able to run around a lot in case of need so her stuff had to be practical enough to withstand anything!

The chemise pattern is one of my own drafting.  I got some linen offcuts from my local fabric shop very cheaply.

The bodice is Butterick 4669.  It was a fairly easy sew.  I used black cotton from my fabric boxes and lined it with more of the black cotton.

The skirt is McCall's 5431.  Again, it was a really nice sew,  I used a heavy corduroy for the skirt.  I have plans to use the pattern again for a summer skirt or two for my wardrobe!

She has a fair few accessories, but the shopping is about to turn up so I'm going to stop writing this and show her shawl and other things off on Thursday!

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