Monday, 9 January 2012

A Mini Adventure!

On New Years day I had a little jaunt in the company of my husband (to play photographer) and the lodger's boyfriend (to play location scout).  The lodger very sensibly looked at the weather and stayed home in the warm and dry!  However the result of this little jaunt is that I should have some different photos from the usual quickly snapped in the lounge variety and it's something to entertain (I hope) you all with whilst I work on a new and exciting but somewhat scary venture!

And so without further waffle the results of my week of sewing whatever took my fancy!  I made two new dressed and one disaster that's been put away until I can get the hang of altering it into something usable.

The first dress I made is totally inappropriate for the weather but I'm very much looking forward to wearing in the summer!

 Please excuse my somewhat grumpy face.  It'd just started to rain at this point and I was so cold!

I used New Look 6789.  I really do adore this pattern!  The fabric is left over from an apron I made my mother for Mother's Day last year.  It's a navy polka dot cotton and I trimmed it with a dark red velvet ribbon I picked up in a bag of trimmings from a charity shop some months back.

This was never on the list of planned garments I had for the week.  I had plans for frock coats, bodices, piratical hats and all sorts.  However when I went through the fabric and found the cotton I just new I needed a new summer dress and so, very quickly it was done!  I had literally just enough of the fabric so it was a good way to use up that particular leftover!

On Thursday I'll show you my other successful project and a beautiful brooch I was lucky enough to win!

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