Thursday, 5 January 2012

Cottage Gardens and Scarves

Scarves knitted by me, following a pattern no less!  Which means they are a fool proof and very simple knit.  Quite a lot of fun as well and they felt very snuggly.  I struggled very hard to part with these but one went to my lovely sister in law and the other two went to my bestest friends so they have good homes!  I was a bit of a muppet though, so I only have pictures of two of them.

I think the purple is my favourite

For my parents in law I made an applique picture of a cottage and then added hand embroidered details.  It uses a variety of my favourite scraps of fabric and some old and new (to me) embroidery stitches.  I really enjoyed making it and I'd like to make some more in the future.  I need more people to give them too!  Some of the fabric choices include red velvet that my mother in law gave me originally (it was her mothers), green brushed cotton from my bridesmaids dresses and one of my favourite poly cotton prints

As you can see we had it framed before we gave it to them.  As you've probably guessed, I once again for got to take photos before we wrapped it so these are photos I took in their house on boxing day (it's currently pride of place in the lounge).

 I think the pond is my favourite detail, I just love the bulrushes!

Have a nice weekend!  On Monday I plan to show one of the things I made myself during my week off!

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