Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy New Year!

I hope you've all happy a lovely week and a bit, I know I have.  I've been very busy, seeing friends, eating ridiculous amounts of lovely food, spending time with my family and crafting whatever took my fancy.  It's been wonderful!

I was hugely spoilt in terms of new crafting bits and pieces that came my way, both for me to make things with and the most lovely handmade gifts you could begin to imagine!  I'll hopefully post about those in the not too distant future, but for now as Christmas is safely out of the way here are a few of the presents I didn't manage to show you before hand!

These are dance shoe bags.  I love Scottish Country Dancing and I have a couple of friends who I used to go to classes with before I got married and moved to the other side of the country.  We still keep in touch though, and I wanted a nice light present that would be personal to them and useful!  The fabric is leftovers in my stash and I hand embroidered the thistles.

These are my take on a tote bag.  One of my friends was saying her gym bags keep coming apart, so I made her a new one and reinforced the straps.  The other one was made for a friend who does a lot of walking so I thought a big bag for carrying stuff might come in handy.  I actually struggled to part with these and have definite plans to make myself one in the future!  The fabric is a fine corduroy lined with a cotton print.

On Thursday I'll show of you my Christmas Patchwork and the embroidered picture I made my Parents-in-Law.  Don't worry, I haven't forgotten LARP kit and I'm about to go start work on a new and very exciting LARP project, but whilst I'm working on it I hope you enjoy my forays into the world of other sorts of sewing!

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